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Jenny Rose Shields Psychologist and  Life Coach Practioner.

As a mature therapist ,know that you can learn how to make a postive change in your life. Please contact me in the form provided.

Emotional Changes in our Life .


At this emotional time around the world, the relationships in our life can shatter under the psychological pressure and we are left with a feeling of abandonment, loss of stability, and focus.

When the emotional balance in our life changes it is time to ask for guidance to find a new chapter in our life. 

We all feel we have a plan in life, and when that plan is found to be an illusion we feel emotional and physical pain so raw you will feel you can never recover.

Feelings of loss and pain can come from losing a Loved one, Adult Child Abandonment, Parent Abandonment, Redundancy, Divorce, Resettlement to a new country, and others. These all strip away the purpose in life as we knew it.

The experience of loss and grief is highly individual and intensely personal.

A flexible multifaceted approach allows me to use the most effective methods available to address your individual needs.

Over time and help you can discover a unique opportunity to find out more about yourself.

It can be an awakening experience to a fuller life and can teach you to become a wiser and more spiritually connected person. 

About Me

As a qualified Modern Applied Psychologist and Life Coach Practioner and registered with Achology Ltd and CTAA let me guide to a positive fulfilling life.

Qualifications :

Modern Applied Psychologist Practioner. 

I use the following 

CBT,NLP,PTS.DBT Mindfullness,Hypnotherapy and Life Coach.

My experience of life, Daughter, Wife Mother, Palliative Care Nurse, and a mature woman made me want to study Modern Applied Psychology.

I draw primarily from the use of Repair and Reattachment Grief Therapy, and this is an approach that offers the client to repair unfinished business around the loss of loved ones, and reorientate their lives in a more positive way.

Counseling with DBT, CBT, and Mindfulness is learning about yourself, understanding how you perceive a situation, and helps you manage unhelpful thinking and behavior, respecting the changes within you to start a new chapter in your life.

DBT is a therapy that teaches specific skills to manage painful emotions and decrease conflict in relationships.

DBT focuses on providing therapeutic skills in the 4 key areas:

Mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness.

How long does it take to feel better?

Each person is different and I have outlined just a few technics I use.

Each therapy is planned for your own individual needs.

Most clients come for a set of Eight  1 hr sessions supported with worksheets and Email support each week.

Let's work together, in a new chapter in your life. 

I offer ;

Email-based therapy - the therapist and the client exchange an agreed number of emails and times/days for correspondence. 

Facetime and video consultations are all available in accordance with your personal needs. 

If you prefer an personal traditional appointment you may come and see me at my practice at St Helens Park.

Covid-19 requires a mask and 1 1/2 meter distance. 

My service is worldwide and you may be asked to please respect the time differences, as I'm based in Australia. 

Payment by Paypal Jennifer Shields.

Fees: Due to COVID 19 

fees are reduced to $90 per hr. 

24 hr Cancellation required. 

Available 10am -8pm .


Let's Get Together soon. 
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The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.


Certified Practitioner.Jennifer Shields.